How call blocker can protect your family, business and yourself

How you fight annoying calls from marketers, sellers, researchers, cheater or scammers? You can not block all incoming calls as your phone will turn into a beeper. While you can estimate a caller and decide instantly whether to answer or not, your kids or employees can be seduced by a call. When such a scammy call is picked up, your kids or employees can be cheated leaking business or safety sensitive information. Knowing certain data, the cheaters can penetrate your bank accounts or break into your house switching off burglar alarm system. Call blocker solves all the problems at once. Getting the best call blocker for Android you will eliminate unwanted embarrassing selling and survey calls and protect your employees and kids from leaking sensitive information to cheaters.

How does call blocker app works?

The application works for your smartphone and tablet as the Digitone call blocker. You may be wondering why you need another application while your smartphone provides a simple black list and call blocking function.

You are right. Every smartphone has a native call blocker. To block calls and/or messages from a number you need to:

  • add this number to the list of contacts
  • enter the settings of your device
  • find the call blocking option and add the contact to the black list

In such a way you can block calls only from known numbers and contacts. The latest versions of Android allow you to block calls from all unknown numbers outside your contact list. It is not the best option for you as think about cases when your kids will get their mobile phones discharged and will need to contact you from a smartphone of their mate?

When you get an advaced android call blocker you will be able to:

  • block calls from all the numbers from certain areas and codes
  • block calls from all cell phones, calling cards, paying phones, unknown or anonymous numbers

You will be able to set blocking in advance without waiting of the first call. If you have previously experienced paid calls, cheating calls or just annoying calls, you know from which codes such calls are coming. Set blocking in advance and keep your family and office safe.

Another major advantage of the call blocker is a call tracking option. While Digitone can only protect your landline from unwanted incoming calls, with smart call tracker you will be able to monitor:

  • incoming and outgoing calls of a person
  • calls in real life mode

This option provides you additional information about the communication of your kids, spouse or employees so you can use it to block incoming and outgoing calls. In such a way you will be able to prevent your kids from occasional leaking of sensitive information and your employees talking to your business competitors. Advanced call online tracker will let you monitor GPS location and sms of a target user.

Call GPS sms tracker is an essential solution for your family and business. To start monitoring, you will need to install phone call tracker on a target device and just get call GPS sms tracker login.