How to delete all social media accounts in minutes


The UX design of social networks and popular services are specifically designed to keep you from deleting your account. That’s why the delete button is deeply hidden in the interface – it’s hard to find. But if you have an emergency or are just lazy to look for it – there is a tip-hack to get around it.

Use JustDelete ( There are either direct links to delete your account or clear instructions on doing it fastest. All social networks, messengers, popular services and software are listed. From Facebook, WhatsApp and VKontakte to Bitly and ChangeOrg. But there is a nuance: not all accounts can be deleted with a couple of clicks. To do this, JustDelete has a bar next to the name of each service.

If it’s “Easy” – the account is easy to delete. “Medium” – more action is needed/part of your information will remain on the servers. “Hard” – contact tech support for deletion. And the status of “Impossible” – it is impossible to remove the account. Convenient service, use it!