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Instagram Tracker

Simple and Cheap Spy on Instagram

Instagram offers you to share your life with 500 millions of users in pictures you take with your smartphone. The logic is simple, you take a picture of a moment, add a short wording and post it to your account. The post becomes immediately visible to all your followers. In case you run a public account, then your post will be visible to all people interested or looking for the posts of a kind (for example, #sweets). Recently Instagram added video format and Instagram stories.

Instagram seems to be an innocent social network, however it poses real threats to your kids, spouse and business. If your family is on Instagram then you must have some online tracking solutions as SpyStealth Instagram spy app.

Risks for kids

Apart from cyberbullying, your kid will see and interact with tons of content. Instagram does not filter any content (pictures or videos or comments), thus your kid may see sexually explicit content, violence or read unwanted comments. There are no instruments of parental control on Instagram, but you can secure the presence of your kid on this social network with SpyStealth Instagram online tracking software. Apart from getting reports on your kid activity, you can filter the content by keywords, prevent your kid interaction with content from unwanted/suspicious profiles. Moreover with SpyStealth Instagram online monitoring application you can also limit time of your kids they spend on Instagram.

Risks for your spouse

The risks are the same, Instagram does not filter the content and you can easily find erotic pictures, sexually explicit content. But unlike websites providing tones of content, on Instagram these pictures are posted by real people and in most cases these photos are also real. The risk of seduction is extremely high. Direct – an inbuilt Instagram messenger – ensures fast and private contact with an owner of the picture. Instagram gives a perfect boost to online affair, which seems innocent and safe, but at a certain moment the edge is crossed and the affair becomes offline. SpyStealth Instagram spy application will provide you real life proofs of your spouse having an online affair on this social network.

Risks for your business

The easiest way to leak business sensitive data to competitors is to make a digital copy with a smartphone. And while corporate mail is checked for contacts with competitors, Instagram is the safest and the most private way to share business data. SpyStealth Instagram online tracker can become a part of your NDA agreement which will regulate the scale of tracking and the content on Instagram which will be tracked.

SpyStealth Instagram Spy App Benefits

SpyStealth spy app for Instagram is the cheapest way for complex monitoring of user activity on messengers, social networks and on the web. The basic plan costs as low as 7,5$ with pause option (you can terminate the tracking when online monitoring is unnecessary and renew it in a click).

SpyStealth gets automatic updates and works with the latest versions of the software. It means that you do not need to reinstall or additionally reset the software on a target phone when a new version of Instagram is released. You will also need not additionally reset the software when a target phone gets OS updates.

SpyStealth has got the ultimate customer support operating 24/7 and solving any issues (technical, usability or financial) in a matter of minutes.

The SpyStealth online monitoring for Instagram is simple to use. You need only to install the application on a target phone and set your account (which is available from desktop and mobile). After you make initial settings, you will see all the activities of your target person on Instagram: likes, comments, followers, subscriptions, messages!