LINE.ME tracker – read messages and monitor activity on LINE!

LINE or LINE.ME is a messenger which operates like a social network. Apart from chat options, a user can run a personal news feed and can share all updates of the day with friends and mates. LINE runs popular communities and celeb public profiles. On subscribing to a community of a profile of a celebrity a user will get updates and news in the feed.

LINE gets access to the contacts on the phone and offers a user to start a text messaging conversation or a voice call with anybody on the list. The key option of the software is secret chat – a feature allowing to hide any chat and thus to hide evidences.

LINE has turned into a source of finding out the news of close people, mates and persons you are interested in, but at the same time it has turned to the highest risk of data leakage and exposing your kid to hazardous information.

SpyStealth protects your kids, family and business from online messenger hazards. Let us review the risks from which SpyStealth LINE.ME tracker.

Risks for your family

If you suspect your spouse to have a secret affair, but any checks of the phone have not revealed any evidences, then SpyStealth will help you to get real life evidences. Even if your spouse communicates with a person in a secret chat, SpyStealth LINE.ME tracker will be able to extract these data for you. Moreover the spy app from SpyStealth works in real time, this means that you will be able to prevent any unwanted behaviour or to be at a right time and at a right place.

Risks for your business

Business is very sensitive to data leakage. If your business competitors will learn in advance about your new marketing plan, then all your attempts to achieve success will fail. While all official channels for business communication are officially monitored, then your employees or partners may just use any third party application on a personal smartphone to leak data to your rivals.

Mind that modern smartphones become smarter every day. While previously they were able to just make a photo copy of a document, then modern devices are able to make a high resolution digital copy which can be edited and customized. Sending such a copy to your competitors, partners or clients may pose potential threats to business.

Risks for your kids

LINE.ME spy software is an optimum solution to ensure safety and security of your kids on this application. Being innocent at a glance, LINE.ME is not as simple as it seems.

First and foremost, the application does not sort contacts of your kid. The software will allow your kid to add anybody on a contact list and to chat with anybody. No age, sex, country limits. The messaging application is created with no limits for communication in mind.

Second, the application wastes time of your kid, distracting attention and feeding your kid tones of useless content instead of necessary knowledge. With SpyStealth you will be able to effectively limit time on LINE.ME. Moreover you will be able to prevent any unwanted contact after you read the messages of your kid with this contact.

Third, the LINE.ME application does not sort the content, thus your kid may appear exposed to sexually explicit or violent content.

How to track LINE.ME messages with SpyStealth

SpyStealth is a unique application being ready to track messengers, social networks, browsing and mobile activity of a user in a single account. The SpyStealth spy application is one of the few compatible with such applications as KIK and LINE.ME.

SpyStealth is compatible with the latest versions of all applications, social networks and messengers for mobile platforms.