SMS spy – prevent data leakage from your office

SMS Spy is a coerce solution for business owners to prevent any private messaging in your office. Powerful smartphones provide all possible ways to copy, scan important documents and send them via popular messengers, MMS or email. Previously business owners were able to control only office computers. But with the latest SMS spy technologies you can spy sms sent via any mobile channel: standard messenger, Viber, WhatsApp, Telegram, Facebook and others.

How does SMS mobile spy work?

Mobile spy SMS application must be installed on a target device. You will need a physical access to a spied device. Spy mobile SMS tracker does not affect the overall performance of the device. After the spy SMS mobile application is installed and launched you will be able to remotely read the messages from your online account. Your online account will be accessible from any device. You will need only a URL, your personal login and password. Thus you will be able to check messages anytime, anywhere: no matter you are in the office or in a traffic jam.

Essential functions of SMS spy tracker for Android

SMS spy Anrdoid application allows you to spy on all messages sent and received via any messenger, either standard native one or installed ones. You can spy Viber SMS or WhatsApp messages.

All the messages sent or received by a spied user are instantly copied and logged into your account. So, if a message from Viber, Skype, WhatsAss, Facebook or any other messenger is deleted, you will anyway be notified about a message and will be able to read the message into your account.

Getting essential data leakage proofs into your account you will be able to prevent such cases in the future.

What are the benefits of the spy SMS application?

When it goes about your family and a couple of mobile devices, you can spy SMS messages by taking a phone and checking all the messages. However current mobile phones get up to 5-10 third party messengers installed. Just imaging, how much time you will need to check all the messages for a single day on the phones of all members of your family. Moreover your teens or spouse may not want you to penetrate into their mobile privacy.

When you get SMS spy app installed, you will:

  • read all the messages
  • read the messages which are already deleted
  • get alerted each time a message with a keyword is sent or received
  • block messaging via a certain channel (Skype, Viber, WhatsApp, Facebook, Telegram, etc)
  • get proofs of cheating and leakage of data

Getting real life evidences of data leakage or business time wasting for solving personal problems, you will be able to improve data security of your business by blocking unwanted messaging channels as well as restricting using mobile phones for personal advantage during business hours. This improves efficiency and makes your employees more disciplined and ruly.

Get SMS spy online. It is easy to install and set for usage. Start SMS spy right away!