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How to Spy on iPhone: Breaking the iOS Protection

iPhones are considered to be the most protected mobile phones ever. These devices require special software developed specifically for this platform and approved by Apple.

Smartphones have brought too much of privacy to our lives giving us a dedicated phone line with individual phone number. A phone line does not bound a person to his or her house or office enabling perfect private communication whenever and wherever you are.

Smartphones pose the greatest risks of cheating and betraying you. Certainly everything secret sooner or later will come to light. However it may be too late when you will find out the truth. Just imagine that most of the unwanted actions you can prevent if only you have access to iPhone or you can break its secure protection.


We have a solution for you. This is a new awesome iPhone spy app providing you complete access to all data of the device as well as tracking all the activities of its user. This means that with this iPhone spy software you will get alerted every time your tracked user gets a message, receives a call or calls somebody. Moreover you will get access to all messengers installed on the device and will be able to track all the text messages a user sends or receives via these messengers.

What is the Difference of What we Offer and What Other Spy Apps for iPhone do?

Our iPhone spy app is all-encompassing software providing you a complete access to a desired device and tracking all the activities. Unlike our simple iPhone spy software other developers offer only a limited set of options their applications provide.

For example, you will get to pay a monthly fee to get access to contacts only. There are applications which track contact list and report you all of its updates. Not sure, that you will be satisfied with such a result as knowing that your spied person adds or deletes some contacts does not give you a complete insight and evidence of cheating or disobedience (in case with kids and teenagers). Moreover we often name contacts as we like. That is why it will be hard to interpret who is this new Mr. President on a contact list.

Other iPhone spy applications track only calls providing you complete report on all incoming and outcoming calls. From this report you will only find out whom a tracked person contacts more frequently than others. However you will never learn subjects of calls from such report. There is spy software for iPhone that records calls and conversations. But in most cases such applications feature a limit of record (for example, only the first two minutes of every call is recorded). In order to get a full record of every call you will need not only to upgrade to premium account, but to pay enough for a privilege to listen to conversations.

Your Best Solution to Spy on iPhone is Here!

What we offer is an all-encompassing spy app for iPhone which will monitor:

  • the location of a tracked phone
  • calls and text messages sent and received via all possible messengers installed on the device
  • camera activity – our spy software for iPhone tracks all applications using camera as well as the camera app itself. You will receive reports on what has been done with camera within a period of tracking
  • social network activity – our spy iPhone application scans all the accounts a person logs in using iPhone and checks all the activities on social networks: from private messages to likes, shares and comments.

Why it is the best iPhone spy software? Apart from access to all features and options of the iPhone, our application provides you a real time report. So you will be able not only to get notified about activities but to track every action online. We provide the best customer support being ready to assist you with any issue.

Stop using just iPhone apps for spy texts; spy all activities of a person from your PC!

Best iPhone Monitoring Software

The cell phone tracking software that you install on an iPhone silently collects ALL EVENTS that happen on the device. It collects call records, contacts file changes, GPS coordinates, text messages, last websites visited, and more.

After you choose a cell phone monitoring software, you will receive an email that will step you through the installation. For installation you will have to have the device, but this is the only time you will have to access the device because monitoring is done in stealth mode from a remote location.

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