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Viber Tracker

How to Read Viber Talks Online

Viber is a popular messenger for text chats and voice calls allowing to share media content with contacts, offers a wide choice of emoticons and stickers. Being initiated as a simple messenger, Viber has turned into a real social network with interesting publics to read and chat in. Viber is free but offers much of paid content. For user engagement Viber offers games which also require cash to go on through levels. Thus Viber has turned into an entertainment system for user to meet new people, chat with contacts, watch videos, like pictures and play games.

SpyStealth Viber tracker is a multi-optional software offering you advanced tools for online monitoring of Viber activity of a target user. Due to instant synchronization, SpyStealth sends you alerts on any suspicious or unwanted activity from a target user at once.

SpyStealth online tracker for Viber works well on any OS (Android and iOS) as well as it is compatible with all models of smartphones supporting Viber.

Why to use SpyStealth online tracker to monitor Viber?

Viber makes your kids engaged for hours in various entertaining activities distracting their attention from studying and healthy leisure. Instead kids and teenagers chat in Viber, track public profiles, read and comment entertaining posts. They meet new people, however not all the contacts are useful.

Viber does not filter the content shown in publics. Some of them may treat your kid with sexually explicit or violent posts. Viber exposes your kid to adult content, your teenager can see propaganda of drugs and violence.

Moreover SpyStealth spy app for Viber will tell your more about your kid than talking to friends, teachers and schoolmates. You will learn about plans, goals, desires, faults of your son or daughter.

The key benefit of SpyStealth online tracker is its instant synchronization the spy app will notify you instantly on all actions of a target user.

Viber tracker is also essential to check your spouse on cheating. While there can be no suspicious real contacts as calls, still the romantic communication may go on in Viber. Checking the phone will not help as you will not see additional contacts and standard short messages. Checking Viber with SpyStealth will help you reveal the truth whether your spouse has romantic contacts with others or no.

Viber tracking is essential for your business as success of your marketing and promotional campaigns may fail if the information is leaked to your business rivals. While official channels for business communication are monitored and checked thoroughly, your employees may use personal messengers (as Viber or WhatsApp) to leak business sensitive data to competitors.

SpyStealth is an essential business control tool to track chats and channels of information exchange.

SpyStealth online tracker: installation, usage, benefits

SpyStealth is compatible with all smartphones and tablets supporting Viber. The software performs well on any model of any brand and does not slow down overall performance of the device.

You need to install and launch spy application from SpyStealth only once. Then the online tracker for Viber will then operate automatically. If a target device will be rebooted the application will automatically restart.

After installation of the spy app on the target device, you register an account and log in. SpyStealth gets ultimate customer support operating 24/7 and assisting in any matter (usability, technical, financial).

Unlike other online trackers SpyStealth ensures immediate response to any action of a target user. This is a real “real-time” monitoring software allowing you to instantly respond and to really prevent an unwanted action: contacting a person, checking public pages, sharing media files and calling. Other online trackers ensure only post-factum informing.