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Social Media Spy: Risks and Solutions

Social networks are known time stealers. Moreover social networks are very addicting. People waste hours of their working time to track online friends updates, news feeds and new pictures, to comment or chat with online mates. From the moment social networks became available on mobile phones the working time has changed forever. While as a boss or caring parent you can limit access to certain websites from PC, you can not limit the usage of personal mobile phones.

What are the Risks of Social Networks for Kids?

Apart from philosophical speculation there are offers of drugs and sex, rebellious behavior and cyber bullying online which is spreading right through social networks.


Constant checking of news feed and chatting with friends creates a deficit of time and a kid fails to deliver home tasks. Moreover, due to unnoticeable usage of social networks during classes the studying progress drastically falls. That is why Facebook spy application is the first step towards safety of your kids wherever they are.

The Risks of Social Networks for Spouses

You see social networks as great communication platforms. But take another look and think of how many singles are registered there and how many of them are looking for some sort of affair: from innocent flirting to serious sexual real life contacts. Social networks are the same dating websites but with much more opportunities and are free. But a simple Facebook spy app may prevent you from being cheated on. Moreover this can save your family from a painful break.

The Risks of Social Networks for Employees

Apart from time stealing social networks are one of the channels of leaking business information to competitors. Social networks usage decreases and worsens overall performance of your employees and you just losing money paying for hours they spend on chatting and commenting pictures or leaking details of your new campaign to your competitors? Just install a facebook messenger spy application and be sure your employees are honest and sincere with you!

How to Spy on Facebook with Cell Phone

 Facebook is a number one social network in the world counting millions of logs and thousands of new members every day. Our simple spy to Facebook app provides you access to desired profiles in few simple clicks.

The facebook chat spy software will give you access not only facebook messenger but to a tracked profile alerting you on all updates and upgrades of the profile: adding or deleting pictures, likes, shares, posts, commenting and other activities of a person online. You will get a real time report of what is happening now on Facebook of your employee, spouse or kid. Timely alerts will let you prevent unwanted actions from people you trust.

How to Spy for WhatsApp

Unfortunately Facebook is not the only social network used by people to share information and communicate. WhatsApp has become one of the most used messengers employees and students actively use to chat and send files. It is simple to use and does not need a fast internet connection to operate unlike Facebook apps or website. WhatsApp is of the same risk as it steals working hours and is a perfect channel to leak information. Whatsapp spy is the only way to prevent leaking information from your office, preventing your spouse from cheating or finding out a true reason of why your kid is depressed.

To spy WhatsApp you will need just our new spy WhatsApp software! It lets you:

– spy WhatsApp from pc without direct access to a tracked phone, tablet or account.

– spy WhatsApp messages in real time. You will get alerts every time a tracked phone sends or receives a new message in whatsapp

– spy WhatsApp from iPhone. Our application is one of the few breaking through protection of iPhone and being able to spy on messages in any social network or messenger!

How to Spy for Skype

Skype is another potential risk of cheating at school or college, in the office or in the family. That is why our skype spy application is here to help you reestablish credibility in your employees, spouse or kids.

To spy to skype is easy with our application as it does not require a direct access to a device as it tracks an account no matter from which device it is logged in.

Our skype spy app is simple to use. It sends all spy skype conversations right to your app account in real time mode whenever a tracked account receives or sends a message.

Remote Skype spy software enables you to track all the conversations in your office and to prevent personal communication during business hours.

Spy skype chat application rescues not only your business but protect your family from potential dangers of cheating of getting into serious troubles with drugs or law.

Social Networking Sites Spy App

With the power of the Social Media Spy feature, you will be able to see all the users activity on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, Pinterest and others.

After you choose a cell phone monitoring software, you will receive an email that will step you through the installation. For installation you will have to have the device, but this is the only time you will have to access the device because monitoring is done in stealth mode from a remote location.

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