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How to Monitor Other People Communication

WhatsApp is one of the top popular messengers for Android and iOS ensuring privacy and confidence of data. Until recently the application featured a rather limited set of options. It allowed to send text messages and images as well as to start group chats. But recently the developer has added video and voice calls, various media formats support enabling people to use LTE or 3G for video calls and exchange big files. These updates have turned WhatsApp to a potential threat to your kids, family and business. Find out why!

Why you must monitor WhatsApp?

WhatsApp is a perfect way to leak information and to communicate in complete privacy. WhatsApp developers boats the highest security of data passed via chat threads in the application.

Sending a WhatsApp message is easy, no one will even notice you chat. WhatsApp is compatible with phone camera and media gallery and is able to send and receive all file formats. After launching of a desktop version of the application leaking business sensitive information has become much easier and simpler. Moreover modern smartphones can act as document scanners sending various formats of documents has become as easy as ABC. WhatsApp Spy app is the best way of preventing business data leakage, limiting your kid’s time on chatting as well as getting real life evidences your spouse is cheating on you.

How to start real time monitoring on WhatsApp

There are several ways of getting aware of what is going on in private threads on WhatsApp of your kids, spouse and employees.

First and the most evident one is getting direct physical access to a target device. However there are the same evident disadvantages of spy method. First, nobody is willing to show private chats, thus the access must be top secret. Second, to read a thread and to find matter of interest you will need time. Third, threads takings place in a desktop version are not shown in smartphone version. The last but not the least is that you will learn about the actions and conversations which took place in the past. Thus you will not be able to prevent anything.

That is why SpyStealth real time monitoring service is what you really need to spy WhatsApp.

WhatsApp Spy from SpyStealth works in the next way:

1) you agree installation of spy app to a target device with a phone owner – SpyStealth online tracker does not need any sort of digital agreement and proofs that the phone owner knows about online monitoring service is tracking WhatsApp. However installation of the software without target person knowing violates privacy and is illegal.

2) you download and install the real time monitoring app on a target phone – the software will run in background and will not affect the performance of the phone in any way. When intending to perform an unwanted action a user will see the option inactive. The application will get automatically restarted with every smartphone reboot. You do not need to perform any additional actions. Mind that if a device will be hard reset, then all the applications will be deleted and you will need to install SpyStealth WhatsApp spy app again.

3) create an account and log in. Each time a target person will take an action on WhatsApp you will get notifications. You can set certain keywords which will indicate the highest importance and alerts will be sent immediately. Or you can just check a complete day report in the evening. The SpyStealth online tracking service will show you:

  • all WhatsApp chats
  • names and contact numbers of people whom a target person talks to
  • media content
  • time and date of every message sent and received

If you still doubt starting online monitoring, than consider, that SpyStealth spy app gets the fastest and the most responsive technical support, ready to assist you on any matter. The basic online tracking options cost you only 7,5$ per month! SpyStealth Spy app is compatible with current versions of the messenger and gets timely updates to correctly monitor new updates of WhatsApp.