iOS Spy – is Apple devices are the most secure?

Apple produces top secure devices and tends to be a global mobile technology leader. Each device is personally secured by a user with passwords forgetting or losing which, you will need only to recover your phone with a hard reset.

It is a myth, that iOS spy app can be installed only on a jailbroken device. However it is not true. Top iPhone spy applications are available in the Apple store. After being installed the app tracker iOS requests access to necessary options of the device. On letting the MAC iOS spy tracker access options and features of the device, the iOS phone tracker will work as an average app. You need only to install it correctly.

What are the top features of iPhone spy app?

Unlike other mobile spyware, common iOS device tracker gets access to almost all aspects device functioning. As a spy, you will be able to track all the user phone activities in your online account. You do not need to install any software on your PC or mobile device.

Typical options of iPhone spy app:

call tracking – you will get the logs of all the calls a user receives or sends. Some applications allow to record the calls. Flexible settings allow you to selectively record the calls to get proofs of lie or cheating or disobedience

message tracking – average iPhone spyware gets access to all the messages a spied user gets or sends. While primitive trackers monitor only standard messenger (sms), advanced ones will let you read the messages from Viber, WahtsApp, Facebook, Skype and other messengers which are installed. Moreover you will be able to read a message even if it is already deleted from the device.

GPS location tracking – this is one of the most useful options iPhone spy app offers. You can track the migration of a spied user across the area. In order to get timely notifications about nearing certain places, you can set virtual boundaries. On crossing a virtual line you will get instant alert to be able to prevent visiting of a restricted area.

Specific features of iOS spy software

iPhone spy app provides you a chance of real life spying as if you are standing close to a target person. One of the greatest features of the application is getting access to microphone and camera of the device.

Getting access to microphone enables ambient listening option recording all the sounds around. While getting access to the device camera the application starts to use iPhone as a spy camera recording everything what is going around in video files.

iPhone spy app is a forced means of control for your family, kids and business. It alerts you in real time mode on unwanted actions and behavior of kids, employees or a spouse. You can use the recordings and logs as evidences and proofs of cheating or take immediate actions to prevent bad behavior. Getting iOS spy camera and ambient listening activated you will be able to control not only the phone activity of a target user, but his or her real private life seeing and hearing people your target communicates with and seeing the places your target visits.