How to find phone? Top effective methods

There are three effective ways of how to find my phone Android. Let us review each of them and find out the top benefits and disadvantages of every reviewed find lost Android phone method. But we start with listing essential conditions your Android gadget must satisfy for the methods to be effective:

  1. The gadget is logged into your Google account
  2. The gadget is active switched on and registered in the network

Method of Android find my phone #1

Tracker GPS application can help you detect your gadget. This will work only in case you have previously installed the application to your gadget. If you have used tracker GPS app before, then chances are that you will easily locate the phone. Just log into your account and try to detect your gadget on the map. Mind that this way of how to find lost Android phone will work only if your phone is one and it is not hard reset. In case your gadget is stolen and hard reset, then all the applications and settings will be cleared.

Method #2 – android find my phone app

It is one of the most efficient ways of how to find a lost android phone. Actually it works the same way as GPS tracker. It also helps to locate your gadget if it is switched on and it features stable internet connection. However the best find my phone app for android will offer you additional options as blocking your phone and clearing all the user sensitive information.

How it works:

When you find out that your Android phone is lost, first what you do is logging into the application and trying to locate it.

If the location is not detected or your gadget is detected far from your spot, then you can make a decision to block or to erase all the data or even to hard reset a gadget. This is one of the top essential options that find your phone android application offers.

Method #3 – find my android phone with Google

This method of locating of Android phone will work for you only if your gadget is connected to your Google account.

Google has created a specific service – Android Device Manager. Visit the page of the service and it will show you all the gadgets which have ever been connected to your Google account. If the gadgets are still logged into your account then you will be able:

  • to send a call to a lost gadget – even if the gadget is muted, it will play a sound aloud, so you will hear the gadget if it is in the room
  • block the phone – if you see your gadget on the map you will be able to spot its location. For example, if your phone is left in the office, and you are afraid of your personal information will be read, then you can block or even erase all the data.

As an alternative to Google Android Device Manager every mobile brand develops its own system of detection and remote control of the gadget. iCloud will help to find iPHone, Sony and Samsung have developed their own brand services for detection of brand gadgets. The details and instructions of how to set remote control you will find in Menu – Settings – Security.

It is strongly recommended to apply several methods of find my phone. That is why apart from brand security settings it is advised to download  the best find my android app.