GPS tracker – a powerful helper to detect person’s location

GPS tracker is an essential booster of business efficiency and safety of your family. Answer a simple question:

Do you know for sure where your employee or kid or spouse is at the moment?

If you admit, but not answer for sure, then you are the #1 target user of spy spot gps application. With its help you will be able to:

  • exactly locate a person at any time from any device
  • check the liability of your employees
  • check the obedience and honesty of your kids
  • check the fidelity of your spouse

How does spy GPS tracker boost your business efficiency?

How many employees are engaged in your business? How many meetings each of them appoints outside the office? Do your employees run business meetings or visit the offices of your competitors and leak business sensitive information? Is your employee on a business trip or on a sunny Miami beach? Whether your employee is at the hospital or…? There are hundreds of such questions each day, but which solution may solve all the problems at once?

This is a simple GPS spy tracker.

How to spy GPS?

There are two common and available ways of GPS spy.

#1 electronic pendant

It is a small device with a GPS unit which can be located with a specific app. The idea is to provide all your business team with such electronic units and to track their locations and migrations across your business area.

Such a spy spot gps tracker features multiple disadvantages, but the major one is an ease of cheating. Your employee may leave the unit in the office and that is all. You are out of control of your business. Moreover electronic GPS units feature a poor set of options and tunings. For example, you can not set a virtual boundary – an imaginary line which your employees should not cross during business hours. You can not set additional notifications if, for example, you are out of control when the connection with the device is lost.

Another disadvantage of such spy gps tracking device is that it is a rather expensive undertaking. This will do if your business engages up to 10-15 employees, but if your company hires hundreds of workers, then you need another more efficient and cost effective solution.

#2 – phone location tracker

Cell phone location tracker is a simple application which is compatible with most mobile platforms as Android, iOS, Win mobile and Blackberry. Location tracker uses the inbuilt native GPS unit and sets stable connection. While a target phone is active (switched on), you will always see it on the display in your account and will be able to detect exact location at any time and from any device. To access your account you will only need, service URL, a password and a login.

Mind that gps location tracker will be disabled if a target device is switched off (discharged).

What are the benefits of mobile location tracker?

It is a cost effective solution. An application is much cheaper than an electronic unit.

Though a mobile application is sensitive to the activity of a mobile phone, still it provides much more flexible settings. For example, you can mark certain locations which your employees are forbidden to visit during business hours.